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The User age targeting plugin for Revive Adserver allows the advertiser to target the audience who fall under a specific age group to display the ads.

The advertiser logs in as admin and adds a new banner that ought to be displayed on the publishers’ site. While adding the banner the advertiser can select the age bracket, to which the ad should be targeted toward in the ‘User profile property’.

The plug-in provides a delivery limitation for displaying the ad banners.

For instance, the advertiser wants to deliver an ad for teen products. Therefore, his intended audience are in the age bracket of below 20 years. So when he adds a new banner, he has to select the ‘◘<20’ option in the User profile property. The advertiser can also select multiple age brackets depending on his requirement.

By specifying the targeted age group, the admin can link the banner to the same zone and get the invocation code.


  • Deliver relevant ads to intended age group.

  • The advertiser can increase the customer engagement in ads

  • The plug-in provides high CTR (click through rate) for the advertiser.

 Also be sure to check out the ‘Profile targeting for advertisers’ plugin on

Profile Targeting For Advertiser


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