Universal Retargeting    
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Universal retargeting plugin for revive adserver is used to generate the ad traffic in an advertising campaign. Installing this plugin allows the users to set the retargeting type as "Act as Universe Campaign", for the campaign which the user wants to deliver the ads to the audience.

If the visitor clicks any of the delivered banners present in the campaign, the plugin will create a cookie on visitor's browser. The cookie will get stored in the browser and deliver the campaign when the customer comes online. The cookie is stored only when the user clicks the advertiser banner displayed on the website.

This methodology provides genuine traffic to the advertiser campaign and helps to reach the right audience. The statistical report can be extracted for the generated traffic, the report includes number of clicks, impressions, CTR, etc  based on the requirement.

The cookie technique will enable the users to retarget the customers and widen the brand popularity. The advertiser can define the expiration time for the campaign or they can set it as ‘not to expire’. The cookie which is stored in the browser will be removed when the expiration time has been reached. The ‘not to expire’ option will not delete the cookie in the customer browser until they perform it manually.

Benefits of the plugin

  • The user can retarget their customers easily.
  • The advertiser can set their desired cookie expiration time and target the customers until they delete the cookie manually.

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