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The publishers UI status plugin for Revive Adserver is a customizing plugin which allows the admin to activate and deactivate a particular publisher whenever required. The plugin enables the admin to deactivate or activate single or all publishers at any time.

When a publisher is activated or deactivated in the network the alert mail will be sent to the particular publisher, the mail will have the reason why the publisher is activated or deactivated.

The plugin allows the user to view and interact with the publisher’s statistics UI when they login as manager or publisher. The admin or publisher can view all details of any publisher in website link page in inventory section, but they cannot edit the details of the particular publisher.

The user can view the available zones of the particular publisher, but they cannot edit or modify the zones. The linked banner and targeting channel option is deactivated for other users who are accessing the publisher UI.

Features of this plugin

  • The admin can activate and deactivate the publisher whenever he requires.

  • The publisher statistics and zones can be viewed by admin and managers, but they cannot edit, delete or create anything new in the publisher statistics.

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