Billing Module with Different Price for Each Banner    
Product Information

The billing module with a different price for each banner plugin for revive ad server is used to calculate the statistical report of the advertisers and publishers in a monthly basis. 

The plugin has an interface which shows the list of available advertisers and their banners, for each banner the admin can set the price for 1000 impressions.  The plugin provides an interface for both admin and the advertiser, the admin can set a different prize for each banner and the advertiser can get details of his previous and current month payment.

The plugin allows the admin to share his PayPal id to the advertiser using the id the advertiser can make payment to the admin. By using the plugin, the admin can set sharing amount for the publisher for thousand impressions. On the end of every month, the admin will receive the payment from the advertiser and share the payment with publisher according to the impression viewed. 

Benefits of this plugin

  • The plugin will store all history of payments using it the admin can keep track on the monthly payments made on the network. 

  • The plugin is very beneficial for all the users of the ad network.  

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