Geo-Plugin by State, Zipcode and Areacode    
Product Information

Geo-plugin by state, zip code and area code plugin for revive adserver is used to target the customers present in a certain state or a region. The advertiser can target the particular state in which they can reach more customers and increase the business value.

The mod provides three options for the user including state, zip code, and area code. The state option is mandatory for all targeting users and zip or area code is optional.If the user wants to widen the customer group in other states or region, they choose this targeting option and improve the click through rate.

The zip code and area code options present in the plugin will allow the user to target the regions present in the selected country. This plugin can be extended in the future by adding a report for zip codes and area codes of all countries.

Benefits of the plugin

  • The advertiser can target the users of all states and region in a country.
  • The users can increase their sales and business revenue.

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