Interstitial Centralise Pop-Up Ads    
Product Information

Interstitial centralized pop up ad format plugin for revive adserver, a flawless plugin to deliver engaging pictorial creatives in mobile applications and during mobile web sessions. Grab audience attention towards the creatives without hindering the user experience who surfing the internet. Unique features of the plugin allow you to deliver creatives that can improve the revenue graph of the organization. Efficient plugin in terms of delivering relevant pictorial creatives that can enhance the performance of the entire campaign.       

interstitial ads                                                                              

It is important to not disturb audience experience while displaying creatives. Interstitial pop up ads by the plugin will display creatives at the center of the web page, but by enabling scroll options users are not annoyed by the pop up creative. The scroll option allows users to navigate throughout the page without causing any hindrance to their browsing experience. The ad will be appearing on the foreground of the site making the content of the page accessible to the viewer. 

The plugin allows user to skip the ad and navigated to the advertiser site directly by clicking “Skip & Visit site" button provided in the creative. For further user continence the plugin offers close button and user can click the close button to end the ad. Regular interstitial ad occupies the entire screen, this ad is user friendly where it pop-up’s on the centre of the screen and able to scroll down the page for the website content and engaging the user. 

Advertiser can add Pop-up image display size of 700x500 px with a transparent overlay for Desktop devices. Plugin supporting image formats include JPEG, PNG, GIF. In the case Mobile and Tablet, image will be displayed depending upon the screen size, thus increasing the responsive feature of the creative. The plugin is perfectly compatible with mobiles, tablets and desktop devices. Moreover whenever the ad in click upon it will redirect the user to the landing page through the destination URL. This feature amplifies the chances of getting more clicks when the user clicks on the image it will lead the user to the destination page for the creative.

Plugin Benefits

• It is effective in grabbing people’s attention.

• Increase conversion rate.

• Make your visitors stay on your website for a while.

• Better ad performance. 

• Adheres ad format regulations.

• Improve ad efficiency with every campaign.                                                     

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