Super Pre Roll CPE-Video Ad Formats    
Product Information

The super pre-roll CPE- video ad formats plugin for revive ad server has an interactive trigger on the advertised video spot in the trigger many related videos of the advertised product are enclosed in it. 

And when a user clicks the trigger, the list of enclosed videos will get listed on screen and the user can able to watch the listed videos if desired.  Unlike other pre-roll ads, it allows the user to place the ad content in various positions of the website and the videos are displayed corresponding to the ad content.  

When a user clicks the trigger it will pause the running pre-roll ad and displays the interactive screen with many videos. The plugin will work seamlessly when the JW player license is provided.  

Benefits of this plugin

  • The plugin is used to deliver interactive video format ads to the user.

  • The advertiser can include many videos of their products and can increase their brand popularity.

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