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Viewability Ad plugin for Revive Adserver abet marketers in measuring precise impression count in every campaign in digital advertising. An impression is nothing but the view gained by a creative when the user views a creative displayed on a webpage and every time a user views the creative on the webpage impression count will increase for that particular creative. Impression count will be added for every creative irrespective of whether the user views the creative or not.

At present impressions are calculated when the creative gets loaded on the webpage, meaning the creative may or may not be viewed by the user but still it will be counted as an impression.

This leads to increased impression count but in reality, there is no sure method for marketers to know if the impression is really viewed by a real user thereby increasing revenue loss and ad wastage.

The plugin provides marketers with an opportunity to know the exact impression count (i.e.) impressions viewed by real users.

The plugin ensures that impression count is added only when the creative is viewed by a real user and assists marketers in finding the exact impression count of every particular creative.

Viewability metric in digital advertising tracks ad impressions seen by a real user. The plugin makes sure that the impression of a creative will not be counted unless it is viewed by a real user.

The plugin provides the admin options to define viewability percentage and time of banner to calculate the impression when a user views the creative.

For example, A valid impression is calculated by the plugin whenever more than 30% (viewability percentage) of the ad is viewed by the user for 3 seconds (banner view time) of default time.

An ideal example of a faulty impression count is a creative placed on the bottom of the webpage. The user visits the page but doesn’t scroll till the end of the page to see the creative, without the plugin impression count will be added to the creative but with Viewability Ad plugin the fake count is restricted. Simply put, Viewability Ad Plugin measures whether the creative delivered is provided a chance to be seen by a real user.

Viewability Ad plugin

The plugin provides marketers with precise metric reports detailing the number of times the creatives have appeared before the real user.  Creatives delivered must be seen by a real user for the campaigns to have an impact, change the perception and enhance brand loyalty. The plugins help marketers to understand campaign effectiveness and reduce ad wastage to a great extent thereby leading advertising spend to be allocated to the most valuable media. With this plugin, marketers can understand the real brand value based on impressions delivered through each campaign.

Supported Ad Formats


   HTML Banners

   Text ads           

Supported Ad Tags

   Asynchronous tag

   JavaScript Tag

Benefits of the plugin

   Reduce Ad wastage and improve ROI.

   Access to data about creative on the user screen.

   Optimized ad placement based on usability measurement.

   Know the value of inventory.

   Improve transparency in campaign performance.

   Amplify the quality of campaigns. 

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