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Brand safety Module for revive ad server allows the publishers to deliver the ads in the safer environment. The revive ad server will trace the website content to find the category of the site and, deliver the ad if the category is matched and if the website ensures brand safety for the advertiser and publisher. 

The contextual technology in the plugin is aimed to display the ads on web pages where its appearance might not have a negative impact on advertiser’s brand.

Pre-bid solution

  • Ensures brand safety using global and client specific blacklist of publishers.

Two Types of Brand Qualities:

  • Sensitive
  • Non-Sensitive

The advertiser can select the multiple Quality/Brands based on their requirements.

Working process:

When the Ad Tag is placed on the website, the ad Server will send a request to API to identify the category of the website. The ad server verifies the returned API category with the Sensitive (or) Non-Sensitive categories of the ad and delivers the suitable advertisement.

(Note: The user has to purchase the category based API plugin to track the category for the website. Ex: similarweb API )

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