Revive Adserver XMLRPCV2 API    
Product Information

Revive Adserver XMLRPCV2 API plugin for revive adserver is used to communicate with one network from another. The user can also access huge data of another network; to perform this process, the plugin uses remote call method to transfer the information from user network to other network and fetch the data from it. To enable the communication process, the user has to send XML request and the result will be generated based on the accuracy of the method executed by the plugin.

The plugin will send the request in array format and fetches huge data in a single call. The plugin allows the user to organize all the parameters present in it by sending the request. The parameters include banner, publisher, advertiser, zone, and ad agency. The plugin allows the users to generate the entities, create an entity and delete an entity.

The plugin user can manage the entities or parameters by using the following methods.

  • Campaign Management
  • Banner Management
  • Channel Management
  • Tracker Management
  • User Management
  • Agency Management
  • Advertiser Management
  • Publisher management
  • Zone Management

The plugin also provides an API call to generate statistics report for the entities present in the application and the reports are given below.

  • Agency Statistics
  • Advertiser Statistics
  • Zone Statistics
  • Banner Statistics
  • Publisher Statistics
  • Campaign Statistics

Benefits of the plugin

  • The users can communicate with other networks and get response easily.
  • The plugin enables the user to access the entities through various management process.
  • The plugin provides statistical reports are maintained for the available or newly added entities.

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