Bidder Adaptor for Header Bidding (Prebid.js)    
Product Information

Bidder Adaptor for Header Bidding (Prebid.js) for revive adserver, Prebid is a free open-source technology that offers a header bidding wrapper called Prebid.js. Once this Prebid.js is integrated into a publisher’s website, publisher can start adding demand partners and conduct auctions. Adserver will be officially added into bidder of prebid.js. Then the adserver lists as like Appnexus, Rubicon, Openx. in prebid.js bidder list. The “Bidder Adapter” for Revive Adserver provides a variety of technical and operational benefits to publishers. The plugin assists publishers to work with multiple header bidding solutions simultaneously. Unique features of the plugin include an  asynchronous container to ensure all partners have their bid requests triggered at the same time, a universal timeout setting to manage how long the browser waits for bidders to respond, and partner-specific “adapters” that allow the wrapper to translate all bids into a common key value for the ad server. The plugin enables publishers to implement Header Bidding on websites and in mobile apps. It allows ad optimizers to comfortably set-up line items, effectively manage them, make asynchronous ad calls, and do all this without the need to develop a custom solution.

 Bidder Adaptor

Bidder adapter

Adserver will be added to the official Prebid bidders list. Publishers who have integrated with Prebid.js send requests to ad server. Ad server receives these requests and processes them. Adapter acts as a carrier for the demand side. After being added to the wrapper, it takes bid requests from wrapper to its respective demand partner. A demand-level auction is then conducted internally in the DSP and then it sends a qualifying bid response back to wrapper via the adapter for further auction. Furthermore, adapter carries the bid request containing details of the inventory and desired ad requirements.

Plugin highlights

  Our own independent “Header Bidding Adapter” added on Prebid.js

  The latest version of “Prebid”; enhances compatibility and performance of wrapper setup.

  The plugin connects World’s largest Ad Exchanges to your inventory.

  Transparent operational features that include; reporting on ad performance, CPM, ad requests, fill rates, ad impressions.

 This Bidder adapter supports Multiple Ad formats such as instream video ads, out-stream video ads, and display banner ads. Also, it supports various screens, selling mobile and display impressions, server-to-server bidding capability and one-step integration.

 Supported ad formats

   Video ads (in-stream / out-stream)
  Display banner ads or native ads
  Mobile ads

 API Reporting

   Request, response, campaign, banner, device type (desktop / mobile), device brand, device model, impression, and clicks.
Bidders can design their own custom reports using API data

 Targeting Features

   IP address
   Site/page URL

 adapter implementation takes around two days for Bidder adapter submission and the prebid team takes roughly two weeks’ time for approval.

 How Bidder Adapter helps publishers

This adapter is capable of bringing in some of the World’s largest Ad Exchanges, Premium bidding partners, DSPs to your inventory. Furthermore, your inventory can be sold through Private Market Place deals.

One of the essential steps to improve your yield is to optimize the inventory. The plugin lets you see which inventories work better and why. So, you can optimize the inventory set up and placements to drive monetization and better your user experience.

Compelling reasons to get the plugin

Improved Ad standard

Deliver quality ads to your views every single time, bids form high valued demand sources makes sure that quality ads are delivered to users. The plugin will improve your user experience by serving best ads thereby amplifying your revenue.

Improved yield

The plugin assists in attaining higher Cost per Mile (CPM) through increased bid competition from premium demand source to win impressions. This brings out the true value for your impression in the Adtech ecosystem.

 Maximize Revenue

 Bidder Adapter gives immediate access to marketplace of verified premium demand, so publishers can increase bid competition, CPMs, and maximize their revenue.

Get Up and Running Fast

Adapter Connect plugs seamlessly into our Header bidding solution and all major header bidding solutions reducing engineering work to allow your people to focus where it counts.

Decreased latency

Reduce the delay for the webpage called into loading. The plugin resolves the issue by concurrently calling the selected SSPs and ad exchanges within the set timeout. Reduced page load time with improved user experience guaranteed.  

Setup and Optimization

Our team of experts will assist you during the setup and customization process. In addition, our experts will work to optimize it for the maximum yield and ensure the increase in Ad revenue from day one.

Bidder Adaptor

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