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The Video-floor ad plugin for Revive Ad server works similar to rich media floor ad but allows displaying a video.

The floor ad is a fixed adhesion ad unit that floats at the bottom of the browser and remain persistently in the visitor view even when they scroll the webpage. The plugin would display a banner with the video ad at the bottom of the page. The video ad can be expanded by hover over the mouse pointer. The ad unit disappears once the ad is completed.

Video floor ads

Video close button is clearly visible on the collapsed and expanded panel of the ad unit.

The tracking events include

-          Start

-          25% complete

-          50% complete

-          75% complete

-          100% complete

-          Create view

-          Accept invitation

-          Collapse

-          Expand etc.

The plugin generates a report for the video advertisement along with the tracking events. The user can then export the generated report in CSV format.


  • The Video ad follows VAST 2.0 and VAST3.0 standards.

  • Video floor ad display both banner and video in a single advertisement

  • The plugin tracks the video ad and report the associated events

  • The user can export the report of advertisement in CSV format

  • Increased click rate and conversions

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