IAB Mobile Adhesion Banner    
Product Information

The ‘IAB mobile adhesion banner plugin’ for Revive Ad server displays the Mobile adhesion banner and it is positioned to the bottom of the device display of the publisher’s page. Banners will disappear when a viewer interacts with the screen. After click on the banner it expands and shows second creative.

IAB mobile adhesion banner ad for revive adserver

Highly responsive ads are provided by the plugin that adapts according to the screen rotation.  When the user clicks on the adhesion banner, it will expand to full screen page content and when the user clicks on the close button, it will reset the banner to its original position.

The plugin is suitable to deliver the ads in smart phones and the phone which is enabled with HTML5. In non-compatible mobile phones, the alternative image with same banner dimension will be displayed and these ads will not respond to user interaction or screen rotation.


  • Delivers ads in all type of mobile phones

  • Does not hinder the users’ web experience

  • Adhesion keeps the same size and resolution no matter how publisher content is adjusted by zooming and scrolling.

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