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Website retargeting plugin for revive adserver is used to track the visitors who have clicked or generated conversion for the advertiser’s ads. When a customer visits the advertiser website by clicking the advertisement or generated CPC, the plugin will leave a cookie on visitor browser.

This cookie will display the same advertisement in the websites browsed by the particular customer. To enable the retargeting process, the user has to create a list of the targeting websites and the plugin will generate the JS code for all the required websites.The JS code is used to retarget the visitors with the same ad of the particular advertiser.

The plugin also provides statistical reports for the advertisement and it includes the frequency of the ad published to the particular visitor.

The plugin allows the user to provide cookie expiration time for the advertisements and when the time limit has exceeded, the cookie will get expired from the visitor browser. The user can also choose ‘not to expire’ option to display the ads until the visitor deletes the cookie manually.

Benefits of the plugin

  • The advertisers can target the customers and generate better conversion rate.
  • The plugin generates JS code for all the targeting websites listed by the user.
  • Frequencies of the ad displayed to the visitors are maintained in the statistical report.

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