Admin Control Panel for User Profile Targeting    
Product Information

The ‘Admin control panel for user profile targeting’ plugin for Revive adserver is an extension of the User profile targeting plugin. The admin has the ability to choose the options to be placed in the banner properties section. The user can use these options and alter the appearance of the banner.

The targeting parameters as in profile targeting plugin are Age, Sex, Color, Height and Weight. However, the only difference here is that the admin can enable or disable it in the user’s banner properties section.


For instance if the admin requires only the age and sex targeting; he sets Age parameter to be enabled by clicking the ‘ ◘ Allow Age option in banner properties’ , similarly for sex and rest of the parameters are disabled. When the advertiser selects the banner properties, he would be able to view Age and Sex.


Also the publisher invocation tag is dynamically generated based on the profile targeting parameters.


The admin would have complete control over the profile targeting fields and can make changes based on his requirements.


Benefits of this plugin

  • The Admin can select the select only the required parameters to be displayed

  • Beneficial to both the advertiser and the admin

  • Can perform on admin control options as well as profile targeting.

  • The plug-in is compatible with all versions of Revive and OpenX ad server.


Highly recommended that you check the ‘User profile targeting for advertiser’ plugin for Revive Adserver, for better insight


Profile Targeting For Advertiser


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