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Keyword bidding plugin for revive adserver is used to display the advertisements based on the targeted keywords of the advertiser. The plugin provides a control panel where the user can view all keywords of the ad server and the user can bid on the required keywords.

If desired, the advertiser can exclude few keywords to display the ads in the right websites. Keyword bidding will give priority to the higher bid rate for example, if the advertiser A bid for $1 and advertiser B bid for $1.5, the plugin will give preference to advertiser B and display their ads twice more than the advertiser A.

The user can bid on any listed keyword and if their bid rate is lesser than the other advertiser, their banner will be given second priority and it is displayed in fewer counts when compared with another advertiser.

Benefits of the plugin

  • The plugin provides a control panel to set shared revenue for each publisher.
  • The advertisers can bid on the relevant keyword and place their ads on the right website.

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