IAB Mobile Pull Full Page Ad    
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The ‘IAB mobile pull full page ad plugin’ for Revive Adserver places the ad either at the bottom or at the top of the mobile device screen. The position of the ad on the display remains constant when the end user scrolls or interacts with the website.

IAB mobile pull full page ad

The plugin allows the user to interact simultaneously with the ads and the web content. The advertiser can add background image, ad content module and navigation tray. If the user clicks on the ad, the background image and the other modules will enter as an expansion vertically from the Base ad. When the user clicks the navigation control, it loads the content within the content module.

The advertiser can add maximum of four content modules and a navigation tray in the ad. An active close button is enabled in the upper right corner, Tapping the close button will collapse the full page Ad Component, ideally in the vertical manner of its expansion, and display the base ad.


  • The plugin supports CPM, CPA, and CPC pricing models.

  • This ad follows IAB guidelines and ad formats.

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