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The video ad network plugin for revive ad server will display the ads along with video content, the ads will be delivered based on the targeting models set by the advertisers or ad agency. 

The plugin will set up an independent ad network which allows the advertisers to enable online broadband advertising with parameters like placement, panel size, aspect ratio and length of the video. Based on those specifications, the publishers can deliver the ads in the website. The plugin provides an interface to monitor the video ads by network administrators, ad agency, advertiser and publisher.

The plugin is used to create a global marketplace for advertisers and publishers to publish digital video advertising.

The ad formats supported by this plugin are,

Inline Video Ads 

Pre-roll ad format with or without Companion ad

Post-roll ad format with or without Companion ad 

Mid-roll ad format with or without Companion ad

Overlay Video Ads 

Overlay IMAGE ad format with or without Companion ad 

Overlay SWF ad format with or without Companion ad

Overlay TEXT ad format with or without Companion ad 

Interactive Video Ads 

Interactive ad – once the pre-roll ad gets completed the overlay ad will start displaying in the player.


It allows the ad network users to manage the video ads. 

It supports the wide range of video ad formats. 

It protects the publisher’s website from fraudulent impressions.  

It provides Granular, Real-Time tracking and statistical Analytics to the users. 

It tracks the status of Video in views and provides engagement reporting 

Targeting features: 

Geo-Graphic Targeting 

Behavioral Targeting

Keyword Targeting 

Contextual Targeting 

Browser Targeting


It provides Advanced Video Ad Formats and Customizing options.

It stores the Video Ads in Amazon AWS (a cloud platform)

It provides a Complete Real-Time Tracking Engine.

It provides Multi-Lingual and template library Support. 

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