Ad targeting by language    
Product Information

The ad targeting by language plugin for revive ad server is used to attract the audience by publishing the ads by using the familiar language of the visitor. The plugin will display the ads based on the language specified by the ad server user. By default, the language specification is provided by OpenX and revive ad server but this plugin will consider both website content and server variables while targeting the language.

Before creating the banner the user has to specify his desired language which he wants to use in his banner, if desired the user can select multiple languages for the banner. The ads will be delivered to end user with the same language mentioned by the user.

Advantages of this plugin

  • Displaying the ad in end user’s mother tongue will definitely attract them towards the ads

  • The chances of clicks and impression will increase rapidly with the help of this plugin.

  • The plugin will earn good income to both advertiser and publisher.

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