IAB Portrait for Single Banner    
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The ‘IAB portrait for a single banner plugin’ for Revive Adserver displays banners along with the logo and product description in the same zone.

The portrait unit size of the ad is 300x1050 and its size cannot be changed as it follows the IAB standard size.

IAB portrait for single banner

The plugin provides two buttons called ‘follow’ and ‘follow us on’.

When the user clicks any of these buttons, it will land them in the initial module of the advertisement. All modules in the ads are linked with destination URL and it will redirect the user to the targeted website by clicking on it.

This plugin supports the below listed ad formats

•.gif     •.png   •.jpg    •.swf    •HTML ad format

Each module of the ad should have specific size and if user wants to add more than one ad banner, the text module space will be provided by the plugin but, the dimension of the ad banner should remain 300X250.


  • Serves ads conforming to the IAB standard guidelines

  • The plugin can display multiple ad modules in the same zone

  • The plugin is beneficial for both advertiser and publisher

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