Basic Anti Fraud Click System    
Product Information

Click Fraud occurs when Individuals, Automated Bot or a Script generate false clicks to the Ad, without having any interest on buying/subscribing it.

"Find and Eliminate Fraudulent Clicks!"

“Basic Anti Fraud Click System” this plugin protects your Ad from click fraud and to eliminate fraud clicks logging at the basic level.

The Functionality of the plugin will be eliminating all Fraud Clicks Logging, where this will be the first step and goal of any Anti Click Fraud.

How this plugin works?

If an Advertiser does not wants to log fraud clicks generated to the Ads, he can set the number of click that can be counted for a session from a user where we have the timer to get the reset time.

For example, if an Advertiser doesn't want to log more than 60 clicks to the Ad from a user in 120 seconds (i.e. 2 min), Clicks that are received above the limit will not be logged to the Revive Adserver.

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