Billing Module    
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Billing Module is a simple, efficient and reliable plugin that can be integrated with major payment gateways.

This Revive Adserver plugin keeps track of Advertiser's payment and Publisher's share on monthly basis. Admin can set up cost for the campaign and Revenue share for ad space to calculate the monthly billing for both Publisher/Advertiser.

billing module for revive ad server

Advertiser can check their payment history, balance, and payments which are made previously. Publisher can check their Revenue history and payments which are received previously.

billing module for revive ad server

“Empower your Business by a Simple Integration!”

Admin has the privilege to set Publisher’s Profit share Percentage and the Billing for the Advertiser and Publisher will be calculated by end of every month on the date set by the Admin.

How this plugin works?

If profit share for Publisher is 50%, Revenue is $4/1000 Impression (as set by Advertiser). If the Publisher displays the banner “5000” times in a Month. Here Advertiser needs to pay $20 ($4*5) to Admin. Where Admin will pay the 50% share i.e. $10 to Publisher.

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