Advanced Dashboard Plugin for Revive adserver    
Product Information

“Take your business to the next level by monitoring your ad Network with New Dashboard”

The Advanced Dashboard plugin for revive ad server will list all the active campaigns in a separate user interface. So with the help of this mod the user can monitor all the active campaigns present in the ad network. The plugin will list the total active campaigns of the ad network and also provides the description about those campaigns in a separate window for better understanding. Helps to monitor the performance of the campaign and the Adnetwork.

The plugin will let the user identify the best and poor performing campaigns in the ad network. The plugin will benefit for manager,admin and advertiser by providing the quick overview about the active campaign. The ad server users can take their business to the next level with the help of this tool.      

Benefits of this plugin

  • The users can able to identify the active campaigns easily.

  • The plugin will allow the user to manage their campaigns with the help of this tool.

  • The plugin will enhance the user’s business and bring more revenue to them. 

  • Better pictorial presentation of the System is provided.

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