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The ‘IAB rising stars ad formats for display plugin’ for Revive Ad server provides eight popular ad units which are suitable for all ad serving needs. The ad units provided by this plugin are


Slider ads

The Slider Bar is shown at the bottom corner of the browser window and in front of the publisher page content. When the user scrolls down the screen, the ad will not move along with the web content and settle at the bottom corner of the web page when user scroll downwards.

An active close button will be present in the ad; the user can close it whenever required. The ad will not interrupt the website content and it occupies very limited space.


Slider transaction from right side to left side

A user click or rollover triggers the publisher page to slide to the left, revealing the Slider content on the right. The Slider Bar persists to enable retraction. A close button or clicking on the ‘slide back arrow’ will slide the Slider Content back to the right, bringing the publisher content to its original position.

The slider transaction ads will occupy the bottom right corner of the screen and the position of the ad will remain fixed when the user scrolls the screen.

The ads will stay aside from the web content and it can be closed by clicking the close button in the ad.


Site skin ads

The site skin ads will be placed at the background of the website, the position of the ads will remain static while scrolling, and the ad appears in rich media image format to attract the user. These ads occupy a prominent position in the web page and it guarantees impression.

A skin ad appears in the background on both sides of the web page and it is clickable. Skins may be clickable and can direct users to an external site.

IAB billboard ads

The IAB Billboard Ad is an oversized in-banner unit measuring 970 x 250 pixels. The Ad unit offers full rich media interactivity and the opportunity to showcase advertiser brand. When a user clicks the “Close Ad X” button, the ad will disappear; page content will push up and a “Show Ad” button will remain. When a user click “Show Ad” button, the ad will reappear, page content will push back down, and a “Close Button” will reappear on the Billboard. This Ad format cannot mimic any site experience, pages & designs. This format allows the user to hide the ad experience and then reopen it later.


IAB slider bar

The slider ads will display at bottom of the browser window in-front of the publisher page content. When user clicks on it, the ad will appear on the left side of the website and on another click the ad will appear on the right side by restoring the page content.

The trigger of the slider ads will occupy a fixed position while scrolling the web page.

A user click or rollover triggers the publisher page to slide to the left, revealing the Slider Content on the right. The Slider Bar persists to enable retraction. A close button or clicking on the Slide Back arrow will slide the Slider Content back to the right, bringing the publisher content to its original position.

IAB portrait for single banner

The IAB portrait for single banner will display multiple modules like advertiser’s logo, banner and product description in a single zone within the limited space.

It occupies the size of about 300X1050; the size cannot be modified by the user because it follows the predefined standard of IAB.

The ads is enabled with two buttons called follow and follow us on, by clicking any of this button the initial module of the ad will get displayed. Each module of the ad follows a specific size and it cannot be redefined by the user.

The IAB portrait displays logo, banner and two text format ads; if a user wants to display an extra banner then they can make use of the space occupied by text format ads (size :< 300X250).

Each module of the ad has a redirecting link which can redirect the user to targeted destination.

IAB side kick

The IAB sidekick will display the ads with expand and close buttons, by clicking the expand button the ad will get expanded by moving the page content to a horizontal position.

The expanded ad will have a close button that will close the ad by restoring the web page to its previous state.

On load page IAB Display Ad unit delivers with call to action to expand Sidekick. Upon user click of the expand button, Sidekick loads in the right gutter of the page. Sidekick pushes page content horizontally to the left. User engages with all of the interactive features of the Sidekick. Page content is still visible and fully interactive. Upon the side kick closing, the ad collapses and page content is pushed back to the right.


IAB push down

IAB Push down Ad unit displays a teaser image/swf initially. A teaser image/swf is shown until the user hovers over/clicks on the expansion button. The full unit then slides vertically or horizontally into view from the edge of the teaser, in the direction the arrow in the expansion button was pointing towards. The web content is “pushed” downward to make room for advertiser content. Ad should collapse if the user clicks the close button


Billing Module with Different Price for Each Banner

The billing module with a different price for each banner plugin for revive ad server is used to calculate the statistical report of the advertisers and publishers in a monthly basis. The plugin has an interface which shows the list of available advertisers and their banners, for each banner the admin can set the price for 1000 impressions.

The plugin provides an interface for both admin and the advertiser, the admin can set a different prize for each banner and the advertiser can get details of his previous and current month payment.

The plugin allows the admin to share his PayPal id to the advertiser using the id the advertiser can make payment to the admin. By using the plugin, the admin can set sharing amount for the publisher for thousand impressions.

On the end of every month, the admin will receive the payment from the advertiser and share the payment with publisher according to the impression viewed.

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