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Category bidding plugin for revive adserver is used to select the category for displaying the ad banners in the relevant website. It comes with the control panel for the user which displays all the available categories in the ad server.

The user can select any desired category for the delivery of advertisements and once the option has been selected, the bid can be placed. The plugin verifies the advertiser bid amount and gives preference to the higher bid rate. If your bid amount is lesser than other advertisers, the chance of displaying the ad is very less.

For example, if advertiser C bids $1 for game category and advertiser D bids $2 for the same category, the D’s ad will be displayed two times more than Advertiser C.

Benefits of the plugin

  • It allows the advertiser to set the shared revenue percentage of each publisher.
  • The plugin will help the advertiser to display the banner in the right website and increase the viewability of ads.

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