Inpage video ad with HTML5 player    
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InPage video ad with HTML5 player plugin for Revive Adserver delivers inpage video ads along with the publisher site’s content.

Inline video ad with Html5 player

Inpage video ad supports both display and mobile devices. The web page will not show the In-page video by default when loaded. The Video will unfold between the content when the user scrolls the Web page content. The user-friendly format will play the pre-roll video ad in the website content.

If the user scrolls down the web page and if the video ad is 80% out of the screen visibility area, the ad will be on pause state and resumes play when the page is scrolled and the video is visible on the screen.

Once the video ad has played until the end, the ad will replay when the web page loads again.


  • Inpage video ad supports IAB VAST 2.0

  • Delivers inpage ads on display and mobile devices

  • With the help of the plugin you can report

  • All tracking events in video statistics

  • Export to video statistics

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