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The banner size limitation plugin for revive ad server is used to provide file size restriction to the banner uploaded by the advertiser.

In existing revive ad server the advertiser can upload the banners above 100 kb file size but when such banners have been uploaded in the ad network the invocation code will consume more time to display it in the publisher’s site. But by using this plugin the user can limit the size of the banners uploaded in the ad network. The limitation of file size can be provided by the user as per his requirement.
The maximum file size should be provided in kb format, and if the banner size exceeds the limit then the plugin will restrict it by showing an error message.

How to use this plugin:

  • The user has to login as admin and he has to choose my account tab.
  • In my account tab, the admin can find the global settings tab; by selecting it the admin can find the drop-down list box.
  • In the drop down box the banner storage setting option will be present; this option is responsible for limiting the file size.
  • Enter the required file size by clicking that option.

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