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Contextual Targeting is one of the effective approach where the chance of Impression to get convert into action is higher, especially when comes to Digital Advertising.

Ad gets displayed to the Visitors only if the webpage meets the criteria that have been set up by Advertiser.

“Reach Your Target Audience Effectively!”

Contextual Targeting uses the Artificial Intelligence technology to serve the Ads to your Target Audience.

Administrator of the Ad Agency/Ad Network can create the list of targeting keywords/content words where the Advertiser can only able to select the keywords/contents to the campaigns based on their market strategy.

The Special Features of this plugin are:

  • Reaching the Right Audience.

  • Higher conversion.

  • Ads can be automatically matched to your content.

  • More benefit for publishers as higher chances of clicking on the Ad.

  • Relevant Ads as per the content and it won’t annoy the user.

  • Prevents unnecessary impressions.

How this plugin works?

This Revive Adserver plugin works like a scanner where the Meta keywords,Meta description,url and website content of the webpage were analysed thoroughly and Ads get served only if the Meta keywords,Meta description,url and website content in the webpage matches the criteria (keyword of the banner) of the Advertiser.

Contextual targeting works based on visitor's recent browsing history.Store keywords which keyword get success from revive adserver in browser cookie and use these keywords also to target the ads.It might return irrelavent ads ,but its relavent to user interest.

The Plugin also works based on AND/OR logical selection of keywords by the advertiser and to display the Ad i.e. Whether to display the Ad if anyone keyword matches or to display only if both the keywords are matched or website content word matched.

For example:

If the keywords of the Ad is Home Appliance, Fridge or Air Cooler and A webpage related to house hold appliances can contain Meta keywords,Meta description,Ad display url and website content  like Home Appliance, Fridge, Air cooler, Dryer, Oven etc. When the keyword of banner matches the Website keywords, only then the matched banner gets delivered in the webpage and thus making the Online Advertising more powerful.

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