CPA Revenue Optimization for Advertiser    
Product Information

The CPA revenue optimization for advertiser plugin for revive ad server is an excellent tool which generates the revenue to the publisher only if the targeted action takes place. The plugin waits until the customer select sign up, download or purchase and once he performs any of those actions the revenue will be generated.  This tool is highly beneficial for advertiser as he can avoid unnecessary payment to the publisher.

The plugin also has a special feature called duplicate conversion filter which removes repeated or fraudulent conversions made on the network. This tool will save the money of advertiser and even increase the revenue of them.   

Benefits of this plugin

  • The plugin will generate the revenue for CPA or cost per action.
  • The plugin will filter the duplicated conversions and prevent unnecessary payment made by the advertiser.    
  • For CPM and CPC actions, the revenue will be generated only if conversion takes place.   

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