Third Party Video Ads    
Product Information

Third Party Video Ads plugin for revive ad server includes pre-roll, mid-roll and post roll video ad formats. The plugin allows the internal advertisers to create third party video advertisements in revive ad server and deliver the inline video advertisements in the websites.

The third party video ads plugin provides support to the users along with the vJAX video ads plugin The plugin supports VAST 2.0 and generate the innovation code for the video ads. The delivered video advertisements will be played in JW player.

Types of third party video ads

The plugin allows the users to deliver the following video advertisements.

Pre-Roll - It deliver the advertisement before the actual video content. The duration of the advertisement is thirty seconds.

Mid Roll - It delivers the ad in between the video content.

Post Roll – It delivers the video advertisement at the end of the original video.

Benefits of the plugin

  • It supports VAST 2.0 video ad format.
  • The plugin generates the invocation code for the video advertisements.
  • The users can reach the visitors easily.

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