Automatic Filtering of Banner according to Profit    
Product Information

Automatic filtering of banner according to profit is used to filter the advertisements based on their revenue of the user. The plugin will determine the suitable ads for the ad campaign and optimizes the user advertising. It will calculate the revenue for each ad zone and selects the relevant ads by removing the banners with lower profit rate.

The plugin allows the advertiser to display only the high earning advertisements in the ad campaign. The plugin helps the users to determine the revenue for each advertisement and allows the users to add the right banners for the ad campaign. The advertiser can improve in banner advertising and reach a wider audience.

Benefits of the plugin

  • The plugin chooses the right banners for the ad campaign.
  • It helps to filter the ads according to the revenue earned from the advertisements.
  • It optimizes the advertising and helps to add high earning banners to the ad campaign.

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