Network and Custom token Targeting    
Product Information

The network and custom token targeting plugin for revive ad server is used to deliver the advertisements to customers with specific network metrics, marital status, and custom token values.

Network Metrics:
By targeting network metrics, the user can deliver the banner with specific WLAN, VLAN, and Mac address parameters.

Marital Status:
The marital status targeting will deliver the ads to the customers based upon their relationship status. The targeted marital parameters are single, widow, married, divorce and transgender.

Custom token:
By targeting custom token, the admin of revive ad server can handle the user parameters like gender, age, height, weight etc. The admin can add, edit, or update the token if required.

For example: If the advertiser has to deliver the ad to the customer with the age of 45. The user can specify the token as age=45 and based upon the specified value the ad will be displayed to the right customer.
Similarly, the advertiser can target customers with different token values and this type of targeting works similar to demographic targeting.
The token targeting parameter should be specified in banner delivery settings of revive ad server.

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