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Impression Fraud is encountered when Ads are counted as served without being displayed to visitor. This is a doom scenario faced by Online Advertising.

This type of fraudulent activities can be performed either by Malware or Virtual Browser. Impression Fraud has grown increasingly high which resulted in generating invalid traffic to ads.

A recent research study published by an organisation on “Impression Fraud” stated that fraudulent networks can deliver hundreds of millions of fraudulent impression per day. This will have a very adverse impact on advertisers, making them to lose out on fund.

“Impression Fraud tracking has never been so hard for us”.

Anti Fraud Impression plugin can be employed by Ad Network to eliminate online fraudulent transactions. This plugin will stop anonymous proxies to bypass into the site.

The feature of this Revive Adserver plugin will be Fraud Statistics, Valid Impression Statistics, Penalty point (Publisher).

Special Features:

  • Geo Location control
  • Fingerprint Technology
  • Consumer Behaviour Analysis

Our Anti Fraud Tag protects from Fraud Traffic like Anonymous Proxy, Fraud Impressions, Bot Traffic etc. Finger Print Identification identifies the Unique Id of the visitor.

How this plugin works?

Advertiser can choose how many times the ad should get display in a particular period. For Ex: 2 times within 120 seconds and can also select the threshold limit (example: 1).

If the Visitor visits the site, Advertiser's Ad will be randomly called and displayed to the visitor for “2 “times in duration of 60 seconds and for rest of the duration (i.e. another 60 seconds) the ad will be displayed “1” time (threshold) as mentioned.

In the Log file only “2” will get counted. Unique Device Id will be generated for every visitor to the site, tracking fraudster systems is simpler by filtering based on this id. Analytics Report will further support the advertiser to identify and segregate Non-Human Traffic crawlers and Anti-Bot Agents.

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