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The IAB rising star ad formats for mobile plugin for revive ad server is an important module all ad network, it comprises of four popular ad formats they are described below.

Full page flex

The full page flex displays a huge ad which sticks to the foreground and background of the mobile device. It occupies full-screen space of mobile devices and provides a good return on investment. 

It contains both foreground and background creative, the foreground contains only the ads and the background creative section will occupy the space between foreground creative and the ad container.

The foreground creative will get displayed in all mobile devices, but background creative will get displayed according to the size of the mobile screen.

The following are the IAB standard sizes for foreground and background creative

320X320 and 480X480

480X480 and 800X800

600X600 and 1024X1024

768X768 and 1280X1280

Features of full page flex

The full page flex is specifically designed for smart phones and tablets.

The redirection link will be present in the ads by clicking on it; the end user will land in the advertiser web page.

 It supports all image files and SWF files.

The ad tag and close button are provided for the full page flex ads.

IAB mobile filmstrip banners   

The IAB mobile filmstrip initially loads the ad element on the top of the mobile screen and when user clicks on it the correspondent full size ad will get displayed on the screen. While scrolling the screen the forthcoming ad will get displayed in the mobile screen. The close button is provided for the ads the user can exit the ads when required. The navigation button is placed on the top and bottom of the ads users can navigate the ads from top to bottom or bottom to top.

The filmstrip banners support CPM, CPC, CPA pricing models, the ad format supports IAB standard sizes.

 IAB mobile adhesion banners  

The adhesion banners will be placed at the bottom of the mobile screen, the ad element of the banner will appear only when user interacts with the website otherwise it will not be visible in the screen. It is a responsive ad format which can able to adapt the screen orientation and zooming or scrolling options. When adhesion banner is clicked it will appear in full screen and user can close the ads by choosing close button.

It is compatible with all major smart phones and mobile devices which are enabled with HTML5. It supports CPM, CPA and CPC pricing models, the ads which are not compatible with mobile devices will receive alternative image of same banner dimension.

IAB mobile pull

The IAB mobile pull will place the ads in bottom or top of the mobile device screen. The position of the ad will remain constant when the user scrolls or interacts with the website. The ads when rotated to the vertical position with user interaction, it will display the ad in full screen with excellent visuals and motions. The plugin allows the user to interact simultaneously with the ads and the web content.

The plugin allows the user to add background image, ad content and navigation tray, if user clicks the ad the background image or other modules will be loaded at the top or bottom of the screen based on the publisher settings. When the user clicks the navigation control the ad content will be displayed with respect to its original position. The advertiser can add to the maximum of four content modules and a navigation tray in the ad. An active close button is enabled in the ad; the user can click on it when required. The ad supports CPM, CPA, and CPC pricing models and it follows IAB guidelines and ad formats.

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