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Revive Adserver Mod, with more than a decade of expertise in plugin development, we offer plugins for mobile, desktops, video, and third party integration. Our modules support all versions of revive adserver and is designed with future updates in mind. Our plugins offer hassle free operations and are easy to integrate. We provide consulting services for all versions of revive/openx adserver.


Our Services

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Revive adserver Installation

Expert guidance will be offered from start to finish while installing Revive Adserver, for all the versions of Revive or OpenX we guide you with installation. We make the installation of open source adserver easy for you.

Revive adserver upgrade: OpenX to revive adserver

The latest Revive version, 4.1.4 is bug free and all the issues in the previous versions have been fixed.  The present revive adserver v4 has PHP mysqli extension and support PHP7 version without manual compilation. Reviveadservermod provides assistance to upgrade your older versions of OpenX/Revive Adserver to any new version of revive adserver.

Plugin customization

With our experience and deep knowledge in plugin development for Revive Adserver, we offer customized plugins that meet your business needs. Our expert team can provide you with exactly what you want in a plugin.



Why consult with Revive Adserver Mod?

Understanding requirements: The client relations directly get in touch with the customer and have a brief discussion to understand their requirements.

In case of a custom work, an expert technical team now tags in, breaks down the complete requirement and brainstorms for a solution. Then create an outline and transparency is maintained throughout the process with the client.

Determining right solutions
: A comprehensive feedback is received from the client, custom changes and expert suggestions are included in loop with the client.

We provide tech support and on-demand maintenance after the product or solution delivery. Our manuals and user guides will aid the users in ease of access. We also offer on-request paid expert support to our clients even after the delivery


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