Mobile Interstitial with full page flex ads plugin    
Product Information

The ‘Mobile Interstitial with full page flex ad Plugin’ for Revive Adserver helps deliver interstitial ad format in a full page flex view on top part of browser on mobile devices. Image ad would be shown with brand name and brand or product description. In the current era, web users want to know about the full features of any product. Apart from just the image banner, additional information regarding the product or service advertised is also displayed. Thus the users tend to spend more time in the ad and interact with it.

Mobile Interstitial with full page flex ads plugin for Revive Adserver

When the user visits the publisher’s site in a mobile browser, the ad would be displayed on the top of the screen with very few details. On clicking the minimalistic banner, the complete details about the product is displayed covering the complete screen. There is also a close button which the users can click on to minimize the ad and continue browsing the publisher’s page.

Plugin functionality

Supported mobile browsers: • Chrome •Internet Explorer •Firefox  •Safari  •Opera •UC browser • Etc
Ad aspect ratio: Based on interaction and device screen size


  • Responsive ad delivery on different Smartphone devices

  • Provides a ‘Super rich media’ type of ad delivery

  • Increase the users’ in-ad engagement

  • The user clicks, impressions and conversions of Smartphone anchor ad can be tracked.

  • A visible increase in CTR (Click through ratio) is observed.

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