IP Location targeting    
Product Information

IP location targeting plugin for revive ad server is used to target the users based on the location of the user. The plugin will find the right location of the aimed user by finding the latitude and longitude of the location.

The targeting statuses are stored in report containing latitude, longitude and radius. The admin can manage the locality database and find the ads delivered for the particular region. The plugin allows the advertiser to target the customers using their location name and it can be within or outskirts of the city.

To display the targeted ads, the plugin finds the IP using max mind database and match the latitude and longitude of targeted location with the minimum and maximum range of longitude and latitude and radius parameter range of the aimed location.

Benefits of the plugin

  • The user can deliver the advertisements to the targeted location.
  • The advertiser can target the customers situated in inside and outskirts of the city.
  • The ads are delivered based on the longitude and latitude of the location.

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