Automatic filtering of banner according to Revenue    
Product Information

“Display the most profitable ads and gain more Revenue”

The admin likes to display only the ads which gain more profit but this feature is not available in existing revive ad server. But by installing automatic filtering of banner according to revenue they can filter the banners based on the profit range and display high performing ads for the audience. The plugin for revive ad server has a number of optimizing options that helps the Admin /Publisher to select ads for a campaign. The banners can be optimized in daily, weekly or monthly basis based on admin’s requirement. With the help of this tool, the admin can display the right ads in publisher’s site and gain more profit. 

Benefits of this tool 

  • The main benefit of this tool is it will increase the Revenue and helps to choose the good performing banners for a campaign. 

  • Guaranteed engagement.

How to use this tool 

  • Integrate the Module in the Revive Adserver.

  • Once the installation has been done the new option called optimize banner will be displayed in campaign section. 

  • From that option, the Admin can select the optimizing time duration for selecting the best ads. The time intervals available are a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

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