Smaato SSP Intergration    
Product Information

Smaato SSP Intergration plugin for revive ad server is an integrated mobile advertising platform for advertisers and publishers. When the plugin is installed in the server, the smaato sends ad request to the server and its request has requirements for the advertisement. A sample ad request may contain a requirement for the bid amount, ad category, targeting features, ad specifications, and other ad requirements. The plugin will analyze the request and sends required ad response to smaato.

The plugin sends the response in 300 ms and all the received responses will undergo smaato bidding process. In this process, the smaato verifies the advertisement and selects the ad with highest bid rate for advertising. When the advertiser ad is published on the website, the plugin sends bid win notice to revive ad server or it sends a bid loss report. All bid win and bid loss notices are stored in the statistical report. To enable the bidding process, the system should posses an SSP plugin.

Features of the plugin

Statistical reports

  • It stores the report for impressions and clicks made on the advertisements.
  • The bid win and bid loss statuses are maintained in a separate report.
  • The statistical reports are maintained for revive ad server and for the plugin.
  • Statistical reports are enabled with sorting options for faster access.

Targeting features

The targeting feature allows the advertisers to reach the targeted customers easily. The plugin is enabled with geo-targeting, profile targeting, and domain targeting.

Geo-targeting: It is used to target the customers based on their country, latitude, longitude and IP address and postal address.

Device targeting: It targets the user based on their mobile device model, OS, specifications, and screen size.

Domain targeting: It targets the customers based on their domain name and website.

Benefits of Smaato SSP Integration Plugin

  • The plugin follows RTB standard 2.0.
  • The smaato provides access to more than ninety thousand mobile publishers worldwide.
  • The plugin enables the internal advertisers to publish their ads on mobile websites and applications.
  • The advertisers can reach worldwide mobile audience.

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