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The xml feed network – integration plugin for revive ad server will provide various XML feeds for the ad server; these feeds will have different parameters which are used for XML responses. The plugin obtains the xml feeds from different networks and selects and converts the highest bid feeds into text ads. The text ads will be displayed in the publisher’s web site by providing separate feed generator which helps to get XML feeds from the ad server. The plugin allows the admin to configure multiple feeds of ad network by using certain inputs like average of clicks and impressions.

XML feed generator

The XML feed generator API provided by the plugin is used to share the text ads with third party ad networks or ad server. The XML feed will generate the feeds from third party’s ad network and delivers it to third-party ad server with a banner title, text, display URL, click URL and tracking URL.

Example of request URL Ad Request:

http://yourdominname.com/user_feed/index.php/api/request?pid={publisher id}&ip={ip address}&keyword={Search keyword}&maxcount={no results}&xtype={Internal/external}

Report API

The report API is used to deliver the reports like the impression, clicks, browser and keyword in the format like xml, Json, csv and array to third party users.

Example for report URL Request:

http://yourdomainname.com/user_feed/index.php/api/report?pid={publisher id}&xtype={Internal/external}startdate={yyyy-mm-dd}&enddate={yyyy-mm-dd}&groupby={date/browser/keyword/country}&format={xml/json/php/excel/csv}

Features of this plugin

  • The plugin has inbuilt third party network feed generator. The plugin can create and edit the feed networks.
  • The admin can set limitations for the feed network as per his requirement.
  • The user can manage and track the statistics based on the ad request and response.
  • The network admin can group all the publishers present in the ad network.

List of options provided by the plugin

  • Average number of clicks per day
  • Average number of requests per day
  • Minimum percentage of CTR
  • Maximum percentage of CTR
  • Limit of clicks per ad Limit of clicks per search
  • Limit of clicks per ip address.

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