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Product Information

The website rank bidding plugin for revive ad server is used to monitor the ranking of websites and based on their ranks the advertiser can bid on the better ranking site. The plugin will provide a control panel for advertiser using it he can view all rankings of websites present in openx or revive ad server. It also allows the advertiser to remove the published banner from the site, and after removing it the advertiser can advertise it again in any desired high ranking website. 

The plugin will display the banners twice if the advertiser offers highest bid rate, for example advertiser A bids the website for $2 and advertiser B bids the website for $3 then B’s banner will be displayed twice than A.

Benefits of this plugin

  • The advertiser can choose the high ranking website for publishing his banners.
  • The admin can set the percentage of revenue to be shared with other affiliates in the network.
  • The count of impression and clicks will get increased with the help of this plugin.

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