Password Retrieval for users    
Product Information

The password retrieval for users plug-in can be used by users to retrieve their passwords when they missed. The plug-in for revive ad server will get two main inputs to retrieve the password they are user or login id and email. Once the required details have been entered it will verify the credentials and send the password to the particular mail id. Users can get their password to access the account without any hurdles.

How to use the tool

  • Install the Module in your revive Adserver and you will get the Forget Password link in login page.

  • Username and the Email associated with account have to be entered.

  • If Username and email validation will be done and the password will be emailed to the associated email address.

Benefits of this plug-in

  • Password retrieval by clients in few minutes.

  • Avoids the help or Time of admin to reset the password and send to Users through this self management system.

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