Website Performance for Advertisers    
Product Information

The website performance for advertisers plugin for revive ad server allows the advertiser to monitor the progress of all the websites in which their ads are been published. The advertiser can find the count of impressions made on each website present in his network. The plugin will help the advertiser to figure out the best website to publish his ad banners. The plugin provides a drop down list box which has the month, date and year fields by selecting those fields the advertiser can able to find the performance of the website in the chosen date selected by him.

The advertiser can track the progress of the site in a periodic basis and able to publish his ads in the best site which has a highest success rate.

Benefits of this plugin

  • The advertiser can able to find the best suitable website to publish his ads.

  • The plugin will provide the status of all websites and helps to identify the count of impressions made on all the sites.

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