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Click fraud is one of the challenging issues faced in the world of digital advertising.

The fraudulent clicks are performed either by an individual or automated bots intentionally to increase the revenue of publisher and drive up advertiser cost.

Sometimes clicks farms are hired to perform such tasks. Whereas in some cases to eliminate a particular publisher's market a competitor may generate fraud clicks to the ads displayed in a publisher site.

“Fixing this issue will no longer be rocket science!”

The fraudsters are blocked based on the IP address and Location. We can identify the valid clicks from the fraud clicks making advertiser work simpler. Publisher will be informed about the fraud clicks occurrence through mail.

The feature of having Anti Fraud Click plugin for revive adserver will provide a way to access Fraud Statistics, Valid Click Statistics and Penalty point (Publisher). The statistic report of this Revive Adserver Plugin will contain information like country IP, URL for specify time duration. Threshold value and warning messages can be customized by the advertiser.

How this plugin works?

When a visitor clicks the ad more than the number of times he permitted to do, clicks will be not considered and it won’t be taken into account.

Even if the threshold limit has been crossed by the user ads will still be displayed and a warning message will be displayed to the user as customized by the advertiser.

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