Customized Statistics Reports for Advertisers & Publishers    
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Statistics Reports are generated in Revive Adserver to compare and to display data for certain period in year/years. In default Revive Adserver, administrator can able to display the common set of parameters for all the advertiser and publisher registered with his network and he doesn’t have the control to customize the report for each advertiser and publisher with different report fields.

The Customized Statistics Reports for Advertisers & Publishers plugin limits the access of statistical data by advertiser/publisher. This Revive Adserver plugin can be installed by admin when he has an intention to secure the data and privacy of the network.

This can be enabled by the Admin at the time of adding a new advertiser/publisher to his network that means onetime setting is needed. This plugin for Revive Adserver limits the data to be displayed where the rest of the functionality of the report are kept unchanged like date range and others fields.

Advantages of installing this Revive Adserver plugin:

  • Secures Admin Privacy.
  • Admin can enable/disable the limitation of data access.
  • Admin can effectively manage the Ad Network / Ad Agency.

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