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Campaign limitations Plugin for revive adserver is used to set delivery limitations for the multiple ad banners in a campaign. By default, the user has to find the banner and set the delivery limitation for it but, by using this plugin the limitations can be given for the single campaign and it gets reflected in all ad banners of it.

For example, if the advertiser owns marketing campaign containing several ad banners, the limitation set for that campaign will be saved for all banners in it. The plugin allows the advertiser to apply destination URL for the banners in campaign creation panel.

The same URL will be reflected in banner creation panel for enabling easy access. The all campaign limitations plugin will minimize the time in creating the campaign and benefits the users of revive adserver.

Benefits of the plugin

  • The plugin can set delivery limitations for all banners in the ad campaign.
  • The advertiser can able to set destination URL for the banners in the campaign.

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