Pay Per Country Click    
Product Information

“Save the advertiser cost by Paying per Country based Clicks”

The advertisers likely to have targeted audience and those audiences may be situated in certain country or state. The Advertiser rather than set paying the same cost for the clicks from all counties, he can pay based on clicks where they come from.

Benefits of this tool

  • The relative CPC can be found and you can set the cost more or less the Average CPC depending on the country.

  • The Module can be installed very easily and it supports all versions of openx and revive ad server.

  • Based on this Module, Adverttisers can set a minimum price for the clicks for the countries they have less currency values.

How to use this tool

  • Install the plug-in in the ad server.

  • Once the plug-in has been installed user will find a separate option for specifying the country and the payment for that particular country.

  • The advertiser can set the cost for clicks for the campaign for each geographical area as per his priority.  

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