IAB Pushdown Ads    
Product Information

The ‘IAB pushdown ads plugin’ for Revive Adserver allows user to display expandable ads on web pages. These ads are in an elaborate manner where the ads will have an image, logo, text area for product description, product image and a teaser image.

IAB push down ads

Initially the Ad Unit displays the teaser image of the ad and only when the user interact (Over/ Clicks) with the ad Expand vertical option, the ad would expand downwards and the webpage content would move to the bottom of the page.

The Web content is pushed downward to make room for Advertiser content

A close option is available on the expanded ad. By clicking on close the webpage would reset to its original position. Ad should collapse if the user clicks the close button. A special invocation code is provided to the user to enable pushdown ads, these ads can be in the format of jpg, png, gif and swf.

Benefits of this plugin

  • The advertiser can attract new customers and can earn more revenue.

  • The plugin supports both IAB standard sizes and custom sizes.

  • Given the size of the ad space, interactive creative can be delivered.

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