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Advertiser and Publisher Registration with All Permissions

Advertiser and Publisher Registration with All Permissions is a Self Sign-Up Plugin, Where a Publisher/Advertiser can self register themselves to an Ad Network/Ad Agency.

This Plugin reduces the effort of Admin in creating accounts for his Publisher/Advertiser Clients to their Ad Network/ Ad Agency.

Administrator can now make your Publishers & Advertisers to Experience Hassle Free Registration & Make them to Work Independent.

Special Features of this Revive Adserver plugin will be User Friendly Interface, Quick Registration Option (Limited Information Required for registration).


Self Signed User Authorization

The Self Signed User Authorization is a security plugin that lets administrator to approve or reject new user registration to make sure Ad network security.

The Revive Adserver doesn’t have the option for self-sign up of advertiser /publisher by default.

In Revive Adserver, Manager will setup the login for Advertiser/Publisher with desired privileges from the options available in default.

Advertiser or Publisher can enrol the business details and can choose a username of their own to login and a notification will be sent to the manager. Once the registration approved by the default manager advertiser/publisher can login to their respective account.


Banner Approval by Admin

Banner Approval is an Audit process where Ad is submitted to the admin for approval. The objective of this kind of Audit is to examine the ad and its content before the Ad goes live.

When a banner is created / modified, the Banner is submitted for approval and the admin checks the content of the Ad and also Admin make sure the Ad quality by checking for

Pop-up, Bad Language, Virus, Spyware, and Auto Installing Software or for any irrelevant material. Only after the approval, the Banner will be activated and delivered.

Banner Approval plugin for Revive Adserver lets the Admin to get control over the Ads that gets displayed through his ad network / ad agency is safe. Admin can also reject the Ad, if its content contains any irrelevant material.


Billing Module

Billing Module is a simple, efficient and reliable plugin that can be integrated with major payment gateways.

This Revive Adserver plugin keeps track of Advertiser's payment and Publisher's share on monthly basis. Admin can set up cost for the campaign and Revenue share for ad space to calculate the monthly billing for both Publisher/Advertiser.

Admin has the privilege to set Publisher’s Profit share Percentage and the Billing for the Advertiser and Publisher will be calculated by end of every month on the date set by the Admin.


Billing System Integration with PayPal

This mod helps in integrating a Billing System with PayPal which allows advertisers to purchase inventory for their campaigns.

The administrator will be given an option to set the banner price for any fixed set of impressions or clicks;

Let’s take an example of admin setting up banner price for ‘1000 impressions’ or ‘1000 clicks’ which will allow the advertiser to purchase ‘1000 clicks’ or ‘1000 impressions’ using PayPal.

Advertisers will be able to both view and buy all the products added by admin.

If an advertiser wants to buy a product for his/her campaign then he/she has to pay through PayPal. After purchasing impressions/clicks, advertiser's campaign will be added up with the details of purchased clicks or impressions.


Auto Linking Zones to Banners

This mod brought a new functionality “Auto linking zones to banners”.

It will provide the option “Auto link to the zones” for each banner and for the zones “Auto link to the banners”.

So the banners and zones will be linked if they are having this option enabled and also they match in the size.



Profile Targeting for Advertiser

Do you want to display your banners only to your target customer? Then here is a mod to help you out.

If you have registered user with his full profile, then, using this mod you can display your banners to a specific profile.

Here the advertiser can choose the delivery limitation where they want to display their banners.

For this functionality we need publisher to pass these parameters to invocation code for displaying the banners.


Advanced N Banner Rotation

`N Banner Rotation without Reloading Page’ mod helps the publishers to rotate N banners in only one zone whereas this mod is an upgraded version of ‘N Banner Rotation without Reloading Page’ and helps in rotating the banners in more than one zone.

As in earlier version, Publisher will be able to display N number of banners in the same zone as well. It nullifies the difficulty of ‘Page Reload’ and helps the banners to get replaced automatically within a span of time; follows the same procedure for any number of available banners.

Also, this mod will not increase the execution time of your Webpage, as it rotates once after the page execution.


Overlay Ad

Are you eager to have your advertisement getting noticed or excited to have more clicks?

Here you go! ‘Overlay Ad’ helps you to accomplish this task easily.

-      It will enable you to create an Ad, which will get displayed on the whole screen of the user while the site gets loaded, and so the user for sure will be noticing your advertisement.

-      The overlay Ad will be disappeared after a short span of time and you can have a control on that by setting up the time period for the ad.

-      It works in this fashion, when the website loads it will override and display the banner.

-      It supports to display image as well as video format (.SWF & .FLY)


Expand Banner

The Expand Banner Ads "expands” from the actual banner on mouse over and the expanding direction will be dynamic with reference to the screen.

-      More than one Expand ad tag can be placed in the page.

-      This ad format is very popular due to its high click through rate.

-      Pop-blockers will not block these expand banners and also we can set the delivery limitation for these campaigns fir the limited number of time for the visitor and that can avoid the viewer’s gets annoyed.

-      As it appears as the layer over the page, it will not use any area of the Website.


Country Statistics

This mod provides add-on functionality - Country wise Statistics which would help the users to understand the country wise market requirement.

It helps both publishers & advertisers to review the statistical data for each & every country.

The users (advertisers, publishers and administrators) will be able to see their individual statistics.


Basic Anti Fraud Click System

Click Fraud occurs when Individuals, Automated Bot or a Script generate false clicks to the Ad, without having any interest on buying/subscribing it.

“Basic Anti Fraud Click System” this plugin protects your Ad from click fraud and to eliminate fraud clicks logging at the basic level.

The Functionality of the plugin will be eliminating all Fraud Clicks Logging, where this will be the first step and goal of any Anti Click Fraud.


Text Ads Like Google

Getting bored of displaying default open-x text ads? want to use open-x to show google like text-ads? try our new text ad unit to display text ads much like google text ads.

Making open-x to display google like text ad is much easier than you think.

We provide a select box which lists various text formats such as(half-banner 234x60,wide skyscraper 160x600 etc).

Just select the desired format, now you’re ready to display google like text ads in your open-x server.


Video Ads Plugin

Today's online advertising market requires video ads in order to promote products and express new ideas to the audience, Video advertising is one of the fastest growing front-runner among other forms of advertising.We are elated to provide video ads service to our highly esteemed customers.

Online Advertising trend is slowly shifting gears to video ads. With Video ads, advertiser has the power to engage and target their audience in a much more interactive manner than other means of online advertising options.

The real power of video ads comes in the format of pre roll, mid roll and post roll video ads,which has the greater degree of chances to achieve your brand objective and to capture the attention of target audience.

We support pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video ads.Video ads generate higher CTR compared to other display units.

We also support companion ads which can be graphical or text, it can be placed anywhere on the web page.Companion ads will get displayed in conjunction with video ads.


Contextual Targeting

Contextual Targeting is one of the effective approach where the chance of Impression to get convert into action is higher, especially when comes to Digital Advertising.

Ad gets displayed to the Visitors only if the webpage meets the criteria that have been set up by Advertiser.

Contextual Targeting uses the Artificial Intelligence technology to serve the Ads to your Target Audience.

Administrator of the Ad Agency/Ad Network can create the list of targeting keywords where the Advertiser can only able to select the keywords to the campaigns based on their market strategy.


Time Targeting by Advertiser

Target the customers for particular time? Have a solution here !! "

  • Time Targeting by Advertiser" will display your banner for a particular time.

  • The advertiser can choose the time limitation, to display his banners.

  • The banner will be displayed to targeted user at particular time.

  • He receives the instant and effective result.





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