Site Variable/Value Tracking & Reporting Plugin    
Product Information

If you are interested in tracking site variable and report generation, this module would will add the feature in revive ad server!! 

  The plugin offers two key features for the user they are,

  • Tracking of Site variable/value.

  • Reporting with date picker/entity and exporting data in csv format. 

The plugin is used to track the site variable or value of a banner that matches with the ad tag site variable or value and provide reports for the same. 

For example, if a user wants to limit a banner delivery of the site variable called location name = XXX, the ad tag site variable with the same location name will get delivered and the tracking will take place. 

For the above example, a report contains variable name, value, impression, click, and CTR. of the particular location. And likewise, the user can track the other variables with different location name. 

The report variables along with the value will get generated as dill down format for the entities like advertiser, campaign, banner, publishers, and zones. The user can generate the report in csv file.

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